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Self Portrait Marathon – Session 2: Glamour Self Portrait Photoshoot

The One With All the Glamour...

Getting ready for round 2 of the Self Portrait Marathon: Glamour Self Portrait Photoshoot

When I set out for the Self Portrait Marathon, it was for several reasons, the main one being that I struggle with seeing myself through another perspective. Why? Because I’m focused on everything that is flawed. Everything that is deficient or… Ugly.


When I photograph my clients, it is so easy for me to see the beauty in them. And trust me, I get up in there. I have the opportunity to see so many aspects of their appearance and even parts of their soul when they choose to reveal it to me. Especially in the editing process where I go through their images with a fine toothed comb.


It’s different when it’s yourself. I don’t look in the mirror that often or even that close, so I don’t know my face as well as I know my client’s faces. Isn’t that interesting?


Well, this photoshoot was a different experience for me. I styled this photoshoot to stretch me in every way. It was a completely different look for me. I wanted to do a glam look. Something I knew would be a challenge.


Remember, the girl in flip flops, hair up, t-shirt, comfy pants, no make-up, and here lately, a fanny pack? Yup!


I would take this girl and transform her into a glamizon. This required some makeup help so I headed to my friendly neighborhood Sephora for some much-needed assistance. I

Made a trip to Sephora for some makeup help: Glamour Self Portrait Photoshoot

explained to the Sephora representative that I was doing a glamour self portrait photoshoot and need some drastic makeup help. I spent about an hour-ish with the store associate who hooked me up with some foundation samples and assisted me in color choices for lips and blush. I needed to get the makeup right because it was going to be a little more detailed with the lighting and would require decent makeup so as not to kill me in the editing process. It was educational and I’m looking forward to going back to create the next look.


I wanted a fun look for my hair, which turned out… meh. I think it worked but definitely not my strong suit. God bless professional hair and makeup artists! You guys are amazing!


I chose to wear some form fitting dresses to really get me out of my comfort zone. Show that muffin top! I originally only planned to wear a pink sequin dress that I had in my client wardrobe from TJ Maxx. BUT… I stopped at Marshalls this week just to browse and fell in

Trying on a DKNY wrap dress at Marshalls

love with this amazing gold DKNY wrap dress and had to add it to my shoot.


I had a lot of fun during the session. It was some really great me time. I didn’t love the images I was getting as much as the first session knowing it just wasn’t my style. However, where these images started shining for me was in post-production when I could give them that pop in the lighting, color, and retouch.


Now I really love them. I love what they represent for me. I love the memory of the process. I feel like they are representative of the side of me that is fun, feminine, empowered, and exceptional.


What is the most important thing to know about me? Or what is it that I want people to know about me?


It’s not that I am a wife or a mother. It’s not that I was a dancer, or a college graduate. It’s not that I am a business owner, or a photographer. It’s not that I am an artist. It’s not that I’m smart, snarky, or passionate.


It’s that I am a woman of faith. The most important thing in the world to me is my relationship with my Creator, God. He is my reason for all the other things. My driving force. My purpose.


The important thing to know about me is that I am designed by God and He is my reason for

Culling and editing through my glamour self portrait photoshoot



“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”
--Psalm 139:14


Okay, now that that’s settled, I need your help! I have lots of ideas for the next 28 sessions but nothing concrete. Send me your styling ideas! What would you like to see me wear? What type of lighting would you like to see? What theme would you like to see? Help!


Comment below with your ideas or shoot me a quick email at


Because who doesn't love pink?


Because I am worth it.


Cuz y'all know I'm a sucker for black and white. I also cannot decide!

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