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Our Matriarch: Photoshoot With My Mom

Our Matriarch…

Spent the day yesterday doing a photoshoot with my Mom. We played dress up, laughed, loved, & created a memory that we both will remember forever.

We have totally different tastes in clothes. We disagree often. We love being spontaneous. We are both impulsive. We have the best road trips.

It was tough being a single mom raising two kids, but you did it. You served our country in the Navy & showed your continued loyalty working for the VA for 30 years.

While we do things differently, I’m glad I can always vent & be assured you’re going to tell me what you think regardless of whether or not I ask.

You always stressed the importance of having God in our lives.

Thank you for your sacrifices for us. I love you, Mom!

And with that I give you Self Portrait Marathon Session 8:

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