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Self Portrait Marathon: Session 7 - Built For Comfort

I love polished portraits. I love creating them. I love looking at them. I love styling them and being a part of the entire process with my clients. From the time they call me, until I deliver their final images and everything in between.

I love fashion and beautiful things. My eye has always been drawn to the boldest, the most colorful, & the most contrasty of art.

But... when we meet in person, you may be surprised to find that I am built for comfort rather than speed. I couldn't be more plain Jane. Not a lot of energy goes into what I put on my face, hair, or body.

So while, I LOVE the experience of dressing up for self portraits, you're not likely to see that version of me unless we are headed to some super posh outing.

That done up girl is a part of me. I love expressing her. However, I'm sharing a piece that doesn't come out that often & lives deep inside. She's normally expressed through creative endeavors with my clients.

So my Self Portrait Marathon is evolving with each project. I wanted to challenge myself to not rely on "fixing" anything. No makeup, no styled hair, in my everyday clothes, & no retouching.

Just raw, real, little ol' me.

I want to get used to seeing myself without embellishment. So in the interest of exploring the 2024 me... I present Self Portrait Marathon: Session 7.

If you're ready to embrace yourself, whether we glam you up, or dress it down, reach out & let's talk more about how you want to be seen in portraits.


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