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"I've never done this before."

Many, well maybe all of my clients were nervous first timers just like you, yet left the experience with me overjoyed feeling confident and excited to see the final product!.

"Do you offer digital images?"

Want to share your photos on Facebook and make everyone green with envy? Good! Any image you purchase in print you also receive in digital format. I also offer digital only personal branding packages.

"I can't afford it."

I work with clients with all budgets, I take credit cards, and I do offer payment plans.

"I am not photogenic."

It’s MY job to make you look amazing in photographs, not yours, and lucky for you that is my specialty! I promise you No Regrets!

"I don't like having my picture taken."

I promise to make the shoot not just comfortable but fun for you. Many of my clients feel this way, until they have been photographed by me!

"I need to loose some weight."

I will pose you & light you so you look jaw-droppingly hot, just as you are RIGHT NOW. And let’s face it, we all have things about our bodies that cause us concern. I know how to pose ANY body and will make you look your best. I’m good for making you lose 20 pounds just with good posing! So don’t put this off… tomorrow is never promised.

"I'm too old."

Ummmm, really? Women are like a fine wine and get better with age. I promise to show you your grace, elegance, allure through these photos. And like you as a seasoned woman, I understand the unique concerns we have in this time of our lives.

"How do I book my portrait session?"

Contact me! Call, text, email. Facebook msg! I’d love to talk about ideas and availability!


"What is included in my portrait session?"

Your Session includes:

A virtual or phone meeting to get to know you better and prepare you for your photo shoot

A complimentary professional hair and makeup session

An unforgettable photo experience to do at least once in your life

A personalized unveiling session to discover your beautiful images fully retouched.

Check out some Behind the Scenes.

"How much does it cost?"

The session fee is $575 and includes hair and makeup. No images are included in the session fee. Images start at $275 and each image that you purchase comes with a matted print and includes the web-optimized digital file. The price of the portraits decrease with packages. Some clients spend $600 and some spend $6000.

Most clients purchase my middle package which includes 10 matted prints and comes in a beautiful keepsake box made in Italy, but there is no hard sell and what you buy is completely up to you. 

"Can I bring a friend?"

Of course! Celebrate your relationships! Do a double portrait session with your sister, mom or best friend. Because a photo session is such an intimate experience, it is best that only participants in the session be present as we shoot. But happy to include all in the session. Let’s talk about this when we book your session date and time.

"Will you photoshop/retouch my images?"

Yes, all of your images will be artistically edited and retouched! Some clients want magazine style retouching and some prefer very little. We will discuss what your preference is and I will retouch your images according to your wishes! I’m a great photographer, but I am a MASTER retoucher! I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL LOVE YOUR IMAGES!

"Can I purchase a gift certificate?"

A gift certificate from us is a perfect gift for any one who is special to you. For your wife, your partner, your special someone! It is a celebration of who she is as a woman, and everything that is beautiful and perfect about her. We’ll even have your gift card specialty wrapped for you!

"How do I book a personal branding / headshot session?"

Contact me. I’d love to talk about ideas and availability! 

"What is the difference between a personal branding session and a portrait session?"

The cost of each image is essentially the same however, there is a difference in how and when you pay for your photographs and in what format they are delivered to you.

A headshot session does not include hair & makeup and includes 3 digital images. There is not session fee and You pay for the session when you book.

Your portrait session does not include images and there is a separate session fee which is paid at the time of booking to secure your date and time. No images are included. You view and select from approximately 25-35 fully retouched images and you receive both the digital files and matted prints for everything you purchase.

"What is included in my personal branding/headshot session?"

Your session includes:

A virtual or phone meeting to get to know you better and prepare you for your photo shoot
An unforgettable photo experience to do at least once in your life
A personalized selection session to discover your beautiful images

"I'm interested in learning more about how video can serve me as a business owner. Where do I start?"

Video is a powerful tool and is king in the marketing space. As a business owner we cannot afford to miss a piece of this massively lucrative pie. Yummy! If you're ready to create promo videos, social media reels, educational videos, or commercials for your business, contact me to see how we can take your business to the top of the market. Check out examples of my work here.

"How do I prepare for my session?"

In general you want to prepare for your session as though you are readying for an important event. You’ll want to look your best!

Hair –
If you color your hair, especially if you have new growth either gray or your natural color, you will want to make sure that has been freshly done. Remember that the camera picks up more than you typically see when looking at someone in real life. On the day of your session, arrive with clean dry hair, lightly styled and skin moisturized buy no (or minimal) makeup and ready to have a wonderful day!


Nails –
Nails are a critical beauty detail that often is overlooked when preparing for a photo session. Ideally, you want to have your nails freshly done. Think about the color you want to wear. Does it complement the wardrobe you have selected?

Wardrobe Selection –
My style guide which you will receive when you book as part of your welcome package, should help you a lot with these decisions, but as a quick summary here are some useful things to think about when you are selecting what you want to wear in your photos. It can be very easy to look into your closet and decide you have nothing to wear! We’ve all been there, Right? If you do not love it, do not bring it! The one exception to this is for headshots as sometimes we need to portray a side of ourselves that is only seen in an office setting. For personal branding it is important to select items that show your personality. This is the main difference between headshots and branding. For portraits, I find the following rules will help guide you.


Whether you are having headshots, personal banding or portrait done, there are a few simple rules to follow when deciding what to select:
1. Everything should be fitted – photographs better than flowing
2. Prints are not the best, although sometimes they can work especially florals
3. and if you love it, bring it.

Some suggestions:
That little black dress
something neutral (nude, blush, off-white)
something you love
Did I say you can’t over bring :)? Bring extra if you are uncertain. We can also have a virtual session to review what you are bringing if you want extra help!

I also have a few studio pieces that we can use to augment your wardrobe.


Remember to bring undergarments that suit the wardrobe you have chosen.
Remove lint and press if needed
Don’t forget to bring jewelry that you would like to wear. You can bring statement pieces, sentimental pieces, or just something beautiful that you love to wear.
What to wear & bring to the studio to the studio
I suggest wearing a pair of black leggings and a top that can easily slip off over your head, buttons, or can be slipped down. Arrive with clean dry hair lightly styled and skin moisturized buy no (or minimal) makeup and ready to have a wonderful day!

"What is your late or no show policy?"

Our time is valuable, and so is yours. If you’re late for an appointment, you lose that time. If you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, we promise to honour our appointments and be on time as well. This affects how many other clients we can take on.

"What is your refund policy?"

Once you receive digital images that you purchase, please know there is a no exchange and no refund policy.

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